Many years ago i realised the world of female self defence courses were absolutely awful and had no bearing on how these type of attacks were carried out

  • often these type of things were just tradition martial art classes, just branded female self defence.
  • when i first started researching for this program, the most common way a woman was grabbed, wasnt even included in any female self protection program
  • for several years my only job was going round different areas teaching this program
  • good self protection should be about 10% physical, good situational awareness is paramount.
  • you will learn to protect yourself against the most common ways woman are attacked

we should be able to open our doors again from april 12th

date to be confirmed as soon as were allowed to open

date will be either a Saturday or Sunday, possibly both depending on numbers

100% free.100% no catch

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Reminder: Only 12 people max on each session